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Rainbow Spinset 53″ by In The Breeze


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Rainbow Spinset 53″ by In The Breeze

The 53″ Small Rainbow Spinsets make eye-catching outdoor decor or fun kite line laundry! Spinsets are engineered to spin. The 3 light weight baskets rotate in opposite directions for great visual effects.

* Weather and fade resistant ripstop nylon fabric.

* Plastic hoops maintain shapes of baskets.

* 9″, 7″ and 5″ tiered baskets in bright rainbow colors.

* Attached 2′ rainbow streamer tails.

* Ships flat – no assembly required.

* Attached snap swivels between baskets and for easy hanging.

* Spinsets are the next generation of Catch the Wind’s original products.

* Size:3 baskets 9″, 7″, 5″


53" Small Rainbow Spinset - In the Breeze