The Kite Loft’s Sunfest Kite Festival

Sunfest Kite Festival 2024

46th Annual

September 19th thru September 22nd

See the skyline of Ocean City explode with color at this weekend’s Sunfest Kite Festival,

on the famous downtown boardwalk.   Celebrating its 46th year, this world class event is recognized as one of the top 100 most popular venues on the planet.

All are welcome to witness and participate in general kite flying, kite flying games, Bol races, candy drops, sport kite demos, or just plain kite spectating.  AND IT’S FREE!

You can expect to see a ton of new giant kites from Mermaids, Hippocampus, Angels, Octopuses, Alligators, Trilobites, Mel the giant Whale, Whisper the Winged Horse, Dragons, Woodstock, Snoopy and on and on. This will certainly pack Ocean City’s famous Boardwalk with spectators.

In addition, there will be quad line demos throughout the festival. Quad kites are four-line kites flown in formation, much like the Thunderbirds. Several times during the festival we will have as many as 16 quad flyers standing side by side, flying to music, all in perfect formation.

Be sure to bring the kids down for the Candy Drops where we drop candy from a large kite. We will do several of these on both Saturday and Sunday.

Over the course of 4 days, you can expect to see the following taking place all day long:

Giant Kite Air Show

Sport Kite and Quad Kite Demos

Kite Trains

Free Sport Kite Lessons

Candy Drops

Giant Bubble Show

Running of the Bols

All of the events listed above are wind and weather permitting. So, if you don’t see any kites flying, it’s because there is not enough wind or it’s raining. Please keep in mind that all of the kites you see on the beach are owned by the kitting enthusiasts that attend the event. Feel free to take pictures but be respectful of their kites and display banners. We want everyone to enjoy the event so please join in the flying fun. You can bring a kite or purchase one at The Kite Loft and fly in the Small Kite Field as shown on the festival map.

Sunfest Kite Festival Map 2022
Start Date/Time September 19, 2024 at 9:00am
End Date/Time September 22, 2024 at 5:00pm
Location 3rd St - 7th St
Ocean City, MD 21842