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Power Brain XP Yoyo by Yomega


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Power Brain XP Yoyo by Yomega

XP stands for extended play! The Power Brain XP yoyo is designed for both beginner and intermediate styles of play. This Power Brain XP Yoyo by Yomega features a smart switch, which enables players to change between automatic and manual returns with the flick of a switch. The XP features a clear window cap on one side that enables players to see the gears and Yomega’s iconic X logo on the other side, which was first made famous when they launched The Yomega X-Brain in the late 1990’s. The Power Brain XP yoyo is great for beginner and intermediate players alike. In the auto return mode, this yoyo will return to the hand automatically. Once players have mastered the basic trick of making the yoyo sleep (spin) at the end of the string, players can flip a switch on the side of yoyo to change to a manual return. This provides total control so that players can master more advanced tricks.

Smart Switch converts auto return to responsive play

The Power Brain XP gives boys and girls the ultimate choice! For the beginning player, this yoyo comes out of the package in the auto return mode. Players can practice their skills by learning to flick their wrists to make the yoyo sleep. The auto return takes the frustration out of the early stages of learning the basics. When the player is ready, flip the switch and Power Brain XP becomes a responsive, transaxle style, manual return yoyo. Practice making the yoyo sleep, and then return with a brisk flick of the wrist. Learn all the classic yoyo tricks as you control the return.

  • Auto Return and Manual return
  • Player chooses when to advance
  • Smart Switch Technology
  • Beginner to Intermediate
  • Modular Design
  • Best Beginner and Intermediate YoYo

    With the smart switch technology, players can decide when they are ready to advance. Learn the basics in the auto return mode. Practice flicking your wrist, making the yoyo sleep, and watch it return automatically at the end of the spin cycle. When you are ready, flip the switch and practice walking the dog, rocking the baby and all the classic tricks. Boys and girls alike will enjoy playing with this yoyo.