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Pirate Shark Kite by SkyDog


Skill Level: Beginner
Kite Size: 44″ x 38″
Wind Range: 6-20
Frame: Fiberglass
Fabric: Ripstop Nylon
Line: Includes 30 lb x 300 ft kite line on small ring winder

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Pirate Shark Kite by SkyDog

Get out of the water, and get into the sky! Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the sky! Swim through the breeze with Skydog’s easy to fly Pirate Shark Kite. Built with a durable fiberglass frame and ripstop nylon sail, this kite is great for beginners and makes a cool room decoration, too! Sharks are back and hotter than ever . Easy to assemble and fly, these kites are built tough with a ripstop nylon sail and fiberglass frame. Wind range: 6-25mph. Sail: 46″ x 38″.