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Kite Loft Pocket Sled


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Kite Loft Pocket Sled

Put another rainbow in the sky and a smile on a little one’s face. Measuring at 17 inches by 13 inches, this Rainbow colored Pocket Sled is a single line kite you can take with you anywhere. Simply hook the key ring zipper bag on to your pocket or kits and let the adventures begin. Pocket Sleds are very reliable fliers and do best in winds that range 6-24 mph or 2-5 Bft. As they are constructed without a frame, thus they require no further assembly. Take this Kite Loft Pocket Sled to any open space and enjoy where the breeze takes you. These kites are easy to care for and require minimal maintenance as suggested in the owner’s manual. HQ Kites (High Quality Kites) uses State-Of-the-Art technology and carefully selected materials to build their kites. Whether you are teaching your children to fly kites for the first time, or want a more sporty kite for advanced tricks and stunts, HQ can provide you with everything you need. Let our expertise get you up in the air! We have an international background using a worldwide network of designers and engineers to ensure the highest level of innovation and quality.

From the Manufacturer

Our Pocket Sleds and Sleddys are completely reliable fliers. Constructed without a rigid frame these kites require no further assembly. These compact kites are perfect for travelers or an adventure filled trip to the neighborhood park.

Despite its size, this fun Sleddy fits into a little zipper rucksack. The rucksack is provided with a key ring which makes it easy to attach it to your keys or pants. Take it with you wherever you go for a fun filled day. This is a perfect kite for all ages. Assembles in mere minutes and off you go into the wild blue yonder!