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T-Rex Diamond Kite – 30″


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A traditional favorite for all ages, T-Rex Diamond Kites – 30″ by Premier look as great for home decoration as they do in the sky. T-Rex Diamond Kites – 30″ are made from a durable fiberglass frame and tough rip-stop nylon material that is resistant to fading. Measuring 30″ x 32″ and flying in a wind range of 5-15 mph, the T-Rex Diamond Kites – 30″ are among the best flying kites around. The T-Rex Diamond Kite – 30″ comes with matching tail. The recomended line is 30# test which is sold seperately.

Main features of the T-Rex Diamond Kite – 30″

  • Wind Range: 5-15 mph.
  • Size: 30 in (76cm) x 32 in (81cm).
  • Frame: Fiberglass Tube.
  • Sail: Ripstop Nylon.

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