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X-Zylo Ultra – Ultimate Flying Gyroscope Ring


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  • Play the ultimate game of catch with the amazing X-zylo Ultra! This clever flying gyroscope can fly over 600 feet with its jet-like technology. Just throw the high quality plastic ring like a football and watch it lift and fly further than any other throw toy. Even NASA experts have studied the X-zylo’s flight science. With a little practice you’ll have it flying far and fast! The clear Flying X-xylo is ready to fly. Buy a few Amazing X-zylo’s and make your own competition. Type: Flying Ring – Made in USA – High Quality Plastic 4 Inch Circle with Instructions
    Category: Flying Toys and UFO – Not for children under 8
    Size: 4″ Wide – (4 x 4 x 2.5)
    Package: Card with Flight Instructions


X-zylo Flying Toy