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Prism Tensor 4.2 Power Kite


  • Skill level: Intermediate – Advanced.
  • Wind Range: 5 mph + (8 kmh +).
  • Wingspan: 138

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The Tensor 4.2 is our most versatile wing for land-based kite traction and all-around fun, with the widest useful wind range of the three Tensor models. It flies easily in as little as 2mph, produces usable power from about 8mph, and really cranks in 12mph or more. This makes it the ideal choice for most locations if you can only invest in one kite.

Engineered to be more than just a trainer, the Tensor makes it simple and safe to get into power kiting with a dual-line control bar, safety leash and quick release, all set up and ready to fly. Most versatile size for all-around land traction Forgiving edge handling and controllable acceleration for land-based fun and traction sports Dual-control bar converts to quad handles with no additional gear needed Power Trim adjustable bridle with three power settings for different winds Ready to fly with convertible bar and safety systems pre-installed