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SpinBox Cellular Kite – 35″


  • SPINBOX KITE SPECS: 35 Inches Tall
  • Cellular Ripstop Nylon Cellular Kite Sail
  • Fiberglass Airframe
  • SkyTails®
  • Kite Handle, and 170ft of 25lb Kite Line w/ QuikClip®

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SpinBox Cellular Kite – 35″

Perfect for the beach, park, playground or a picnic; This three dimensional kite combines quality materials with great engineering for easy assembly; Rotates while flying
and features 360 degree free spin movement that is sure to turn heads. This SuperSize 3D kite assortment takes kite flying to the next level! These large cellular kites were smartly engineered to be easy to assemble, easy to fly, and spin freely in the air. Makes a great second kite. Not for light winds.

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