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Prism Quantum Stunt Kite – Citrus


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Once you pilot a serious high performance stunt kite you’ll never look back. The Quantum Stunt Kite is dual-line excitement in a complete package engineered for success. The Quantum Stunt Kite measures 87″ x 40.5″ and has a wind range of 3-25 mph. Tough carbon frame with Kevlar-reinforced nose. Kinetic Dissipator system on spine absorbs unplanned landings. With it’s moderate to high pull, you’ll be leaving little boot-heel tracks in the sand with the big pull of this great kite! The Quantum Stunt Kite comes with convertible travel case, 150# x 85# Spectra lines, winder, flight straps, and complete instructions. Rock steady tracking, solid pull, positive control feel, great colors, all thought out for you, and totally affordable. The Quantum Stunt Kite: A leap into the Future!

Main features of the The Quantum Stunt Kite

  • Skill level: intermediate to advanced.
  • Wind Range: 3-25 mph.
  • Size: 87 in (221cm) x 40.5 in (103cm).
  • Frame: Carbon with Kevlar-reinforced nose.
  • Sail: Ripstop Polyester and Mylar Laminate.
  • Color: Fire / Citrus / Ice.


Prism Quantum Stunt Kite

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