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Messerschmitt ME 109 Airplane Spinner – 20″


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Messerschmitt ME 109 Airplane Garden Spinner – 20″. Celebrate early flight with our most engaging lawn ornaments, the airplane spinners. The Messerschmitt ME 109 was used by Germany in World War II as the staple of their Luftwaffe air force.  They bring an air of nostalgia wherever they land. With a striking attention to detail our airplanes are a timeless way to bring the golden age of aviation to any yard. This ME-109 Airplane Garden Spinner is a great way to say welcome. Our spinners are high quality and beautiful! This colorful Premier Kites garden spinner is made with Sun Tex material which is a UV resistant material and measures approximately: 20″ X 20″ x 7″ diameter 7.5″. All hardware included.