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Mini Marshmallow Shooter Slingshot


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Mini Marshmallow Shooter Slingshot

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From the Manufacturer Magnum Mini Marshmallow Shooter recalls the days of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. The corners on the wooden handle have been rounded for a comfortable grip and the pouch is made of genuine leather. Why do we call it the Mini Marshmallow Shooter? Because that’s the perfect ammo for this baby. Store-bought mini-marshmallows are the perfect size and weight for long-distance shots and when target practice is over, you get to eat the ”ammo.” Please wear safety goggles at all times while using your Magnum12 product. Never shoot at people, animals, or yourself. All Magnum12 products are 100% American made using solid poplar hard wood. Each item is sanded to a smooth finish and printed with a unique name that compliments its styling. We know you will enjoy this well-engineered product and appreciate our quality American craftsmanship. Our plastic molds are company owned and we demand that only the finest plastics be used to produce our trigger sets, sights, barrel tips and custom rifle scopes. These items are exclusive to Magnum12 products and are not found on any competitor’s products. Magnum is a registered trademark of Magnum Enterprises, LLC.