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Healing Gong by Woodstock Chimes


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Healing Gong by Woodstock Chimes

When you need a little slice of the meditative qualities of the Far East, then you’re ready for the Woodstock Healing 15 in. Hanging Gong. Allow its resonant tones to transport you to a powerful place of inner strength and calm. For centuries, gongs have been used to heal the sick and invoke happiness and strength.

Though every part of this product is weather-protected, we recommend a few simple maintenance tips to keep it looking its best for years to come. Simply apply a thin layer of Danish or lemon oil to hardwood parts periodically. Regular application of oil will slow down the natural aging process of wood. Handcrafted using ancient methods. Wood finished in black and cherry . 3-piece top. Brass hanging gong with a beautiful tone . 15 inches in length.