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3D Supersized Dragon Kite (Orange) – 76″


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Send an amazingly realistic dragon soaring ferociously through the sky! Designed with a 3D body complete with claw-filled hands and feet, this vibrantly designed dragon kite instantly mesmerizes the imagination the moment its wings catch the breeze. Just follow the vivid illustrations for easy assembly and then read through the five-step instructions for an optimum flying experience. You’ll feel like a real dragon tamer! Made of high quality nylon with a wind range of up to eighteen miles per hours – Flying a kite becomes a thrillingly magical adventure with the SuperSize 3-D Nylon Dragon Kite. SuperSize 3-D Nylon Kite – Dragon Large nylon kite designed to look like a 3D dragon Encourages outdoor play, coordination, exercise Become a dragon tamer! Features ripstop fabric, skytails, line with large handle Illustrated instructions make assembling kite easy Step-by-step instructions make flying kite easy, too! Includes 3D Dragon Kite, 170-foot line with handle High quality nylon materials, strong design Built for lasting durability, exceptional flying experience