Wind Strength Chart

Wind SpeedDescription
1-3 mphCalm, smoke rises vertically.
4-7 mphSmoke shows wind direction, vanes do not move.
8-12 mphWind felt on face, leaves rustle, vane slowly moves.
13-18 mphLeaves and small branches move, light flags extend.
19-24 mphLeaves rise up and braches move, flags are flapping.
25-31 mphSmall trees sway, flags flap and ripple.
32-38 mphLarge branches in motion, whistling heard in the air.
39-46 mphWhole trees in motion, resistance while walking against wind.
47-54 mphWhole trees in motion, strong resistance while walking against wind.
55-63 mphSlight structural damage, weak shingles blow off roof.
64-72 mphTrees uproot and break, heavy structural damage to buildings.
73+ mphLook out!! Be somewhere else!